Tin Town

Fiction by Eric Blair

A manuscript arrives at a publisher's office.
With a strange request:

"Please publish my novel, if anything happens to me."
Eric Blair.

The novel is set in the Trail's End Mobile Ranch in Apache Junction, Arizona.
Once, a gleaming mobile home park, full of happy winter visitors.
Now it decays under the relentless desert sun.
The bleached out bones of a tin dinosaur.

Disabled house painter Eric Blair, is waiting to receive disability benefits.
And watching his bank account dwindle down to nothing.
But his Mulligan's stew of neighbours provide ample distraction and comic relief.

In the wake of the last Presidential Election, tongues are wagging and opinions fly.
And opinions are more popular than facts.

But there is a hidden truth driving the anger and fear of the residents.
Something that many of them are unaware of.

Something that Eric sees very clearly.

So what happened to Eric Blair?

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Cavemen With Cell Phones

by Simon Gray

We are animals.
And, our behavior is more similar to the behavior of other animals, than it is different.
We have invented several ways to try to explain our behavior. We use psychology, biology, religion, and astrology.

But there may be another explanation: Instinct.

- Do you go out to eat fast food when you have healthy food rotting in the refrigerator?
- Do you believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to do most things, and you always know the right way?
- Do you constantly put other people's needs before your own?

Birds fly south for the winter. Fish swim upstream to spawn.
These are instinctive behaviors.

Our behaviors, even though they can take different forms, might still be motivated out of the same basic Primitive Instincts that motivated our ancestors. How we do things changes. But why we do things hasn't changed in thousands of years.

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yelling at bees

Simon Gray

black cannot exist
without white

has no definition
without evil

a one sided coin
cannot exist

all things happen
in balance

i embrace both
without judgement
i will wander
in the delusions
of my primitive Instincts



Fiction by Simon Gray

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