the spectrum

love is not the opposite of hate
joy is not the opposite of sadness

the opposite of joy
is indifference to joy
the opposite of sadness
is indifference to sadness

all things coexist
side by side
on their own spectrum

joy -------------------------------- indifference to joy
sadness ------------------------ indifference to sadness

this is why i can feel conflicting feelings
at the same time

love for my partner ------ | --------------- indifference
anger at my partner --------------- | ------ indifference

only my position
on the spectrum changes

/the spectrum


“But Kai, you're so young. You have your whole life in front of you...”

"No Lizi. None of us have our lives in front of us. We only have the lives we leave behind us. That, is what defines us.”

spiritual awareness

spiritual awareness
does not mean ~
i become aware
of how other people
be living their lives

spiritual awareness
means ~
i become aware
that there are
no shoulds



~ acceptance ~
is the middle path

~ acceptance ~
is difficult

which is why
so few humans
attempt to do it

it’s so much easier
to judge and avoid
we are humans
we like easy

acceptance is the only path to serenity


eleven truths

1 i am more like the other animals
~ than i am different from them
2 i am more like other human beings
~ than i am different from them
3 we all have the same instincts
4 we all have the same needs
5 we all have different desires
6 all desire is not evil
~ but desire is the root of all evil
7 i am the architect of my own misery
8 there is no universal right and wrong
9 there is no universal good and bad
10 all things are normal
11 the earth is a living organism
~ it doesn't make mistakes


all things happen in balance

life itself
cannot exist
without the balance
of positive and negative energy

we cling
to our positive beliefs
the way neutrons
cling to protons

but neutrons
do not praise protons
for their positive charge
and shame electrons
for their negativity

would have no purpose
without the other two

every building block
in our universe
from atoms
to solar systems
teaches us
the importance
of the balance
of positive and negative

our entire reality
is based on this balance

this is a great truth

this is the middle way

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