nothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water
yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible
nothing can surpass it

The soft overcomes the hard;
the gentle overcomes the rigid.
Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.tao te ching
stephen mitchell version


we cannot
achieve balance
by only focusing
on the positive

If we reject
the negative
or pretend it doesn't exist
then we only make ourselves
spiritually lopsided

balance means
embracing all of our reality
~ equally


unless we do that
we will not achieve balance

we cannot reject
half of our reality

we cannot reject
half of ourselves

balance means
embracing all of reality
~ equally


“But Kai, you're so young. You have your whole life in front of you...”

"No Lizi. None of us have our lives in front of us. We only have the lives that are behind us. That, is what defines us.”


some believe that admitting weakness, and asking for help, is a sign of true strength

some believe, never admitting weakness, and clinging to denial is a true sign of strength

what if both are true?

what if, accepting that both are true is is the real true sign of strength?

if i traffic in desire
and fill my heart
with shoulds
i will be sad and angry until the day i die

Is this why we exist?

The earth is a living organism.
It doesn't make mistakes.

Has the earth deliberately evolved us into a species 
that can increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Is the earth using us to help melt its polar ice caps, flood its surface,
and enter the next phase of its life?

spiritual awareness

spiritual awareness
doesn't happen
when i come to realize
how everyone in the world
be living their lives

spiritual awareness
when i come to realize
that there are
no shoulds

the power



~ acceptance ~
is the middle path
~ acceptance ~
is the only path
to serenity

just ask anyone
in a 12 step program
the people who started
those programs
realized a great spiritual truth

~ acceptance ~
is the only path
to serenity

and they are
the proof of it’s power

and yet
they struggle with acceptance
of course they do
they’re human
i struggle with acceptance
you struggle with acceptance
acceptance is difficult

it’s so much easier
to judge and avoid
we are humans
we like easy

true spiritual growth
is difficult
which is why
so few humans
attempt to do it

question ~ are all of us human beings
‘supposed to’ be
pursuing spiritual growth?

‘supposed to’
is a judgement

what if
all of us human beings
are already doing
what we are ‘supposed to’ do?

what if everything
is normal?
the way it is
right now?

What if
it's normal
to pursue spiritual growth?
it's normal
to not peruse spiritual growth?

can i accept that?
can you accept that?

isn't that true acceptance?

eleven truths

1 i am more like the other animals
~ than i am different from them
2 i am more like other human beings
~ than i am different from them
3 we all have the same instincts
4 we all have the same needs
5 we all have different desires
6 all desire is not evil
~ but desire is the root of all evil
7 i am the architect of my own misery
8 there is no universal right and wrong
9 there is no universal good and bad
10 all things are normal
11 the earth is a living organism
~ it doesn't make mistakes


there are roughly 4,200 different religions in the world

we all have our own piece
of the puzzle

none of us
has the whole picture

if we could put
all of our individual pieces
we might get a better idea
of what the bigger picture actually is



love and hate
joy and sadness
these are not opposites

all things coexist
side by side

all things exist
on their own spectrum
joy -------------------------------- indifference to joy
sadness ------------------------ indifference to sadness

i feel all things
at the same time
at different levels

where i am
on the spectrum
changes constantly
love for my partner ------ | --------------- indifference
anger at my partner --------------- | ------ indifference

only my position
on the spectrum changes


“The other part is even worse.”

Lizi narrows her eyes, “What?”

“Well... They elected people into public office, who were abused as kids.”

“Nǎo cán!”

“Exactly. Diseased brain, is right. It would never happen today.”

“You mean after they received counsel? Right?”

“No, Lizi. People with unresolved anger and fear.”

“Nǎo cán!”

“I know. It’s unthinkable. Some history tellers think that’s what collapsed the Empire.”

“Child abuse? Child abuse collapsed the Empire?”

“Not child abuse. Abused children. Angry frightened children who became adults, but never dealt with their unresolved anger or fear.”

“Yeah, yeah. You just project it onto other people. Transference. We all know how that works.”

“Others say it collapsed because they protected their denial, instead of their national security.”

“And no one stopped this?”
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